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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cannot lose weight no matter what!!!


A friend from college called me yesterday while I was on the treadmill at the gym, i picked up and we chatted about few losing weight tips.

I do have a lot of people come and ask me about diet tips. I'm no expert, still in my learning stage and I experiment  new things almost every day. I believe that our body is idiosyncratic so what works for me might not work for you.

"And you know how some 'fitness enthusiast' will be like I don't gain weight even though i eat like a cow or things like that".

But most of the time, when i looked at those who claim this i see them a lil bit on a bigger side. Their definition of curvy is already seen 'tembam' to me. Haha sue me for all i care. Then again, it is up to each individual. Its your body, your choice.

However the basic principal should be the same.

I used to share with them about calorie in should be less than calorie out thing because in the past it worked on me very well. But after 5 months, my body become accustomed to it and losing 1kg takes a month. I trained hard, 5-7 times a week (1-2 hour each session that consists of cardio, circuit and weight training). I eat 6-8 small meals a day or on some days I eat every hour. That was how I lose 20kg in 4-5 months.

Ok before I go any further, these are criteria of "I cannot lose weight no matter what I do" people. 

1. You exercise at least 3-5 times a week. Serious exercise. Not just brisk walking. Your workout already consists of strength, cardio and flexibility component.

2. You understand the concept of Basal Metabolic Rate, Daily Calorie Intake, etc.

3. You drink plain water, avoid fried and oily food and you know your carbs, protein, fibre well.

4. You sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Lets no go into detailed biological things like thyroid problems or hormonal imbalance thingy.

What I am currently doing:

1. Confuse your body. If you eat 6 small meals before, try 3 bigger meals. Do carb cycle, intermittent fasting, etc. Experiment new types food.

2. Keep your motivation up. We can never go wrong by eating healthy food, avoid overeating and exercise regularly. Although you are not losing weight, don't stop. Find a way to keep going after the initial excitement and result wear off.

3. Record every food you eat, taste a bit or even lick. I find using 'The Eatery' apps really help me do this. Just snap pictures and people will rate your food.

4. Change your cardio routines. If you cycle before try jogging or swimming or dancing. In my case, I'll move on to rpm and step classes instead of just body combat.

5. Slow down. Tone down the tension. Consider taking a week off exercise and eat more. I cannot do this. Too scary and risky. But worth a try.

6. Drink more plain water. 2-3L a day.

So far this is what I'm doing. Lets see if these works. I have 6-8kg to go. How about you?

Aisha ;)

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